Working and living in the Netherlands

Working and living in the Netherlands

Are you familiar with how Dutch society works? Do you speak Dutch? How will you find accommodation? How can you get insurance? It is important to understand these and other practical issues before leaving for the Netherlands.

Living and working conditions in the Netherlands

The EURES website provides important information about living and working conditions in the Netherlands for you, your partner and your family.

Would you like to know more about rights, obligations and looking for work in the Netherlands? Then take a look at the brochure Living and working in the Netherlands (pdf 229 kB).

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Checklist ‘Have I organised everything for my departure?’

Do you need to know what to organise before leaving for foreign shores? Take a look at the checklist Have I organised everything for my departure (pdf, 42 kB).

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Learning Dutch

If you are staying in the Netherlands, it is important that you have a basic understanding of the language. Your chances of finding work will improve drastically if you have a good command of the language.

This will also allow you to converse with your colleagues, customers and employees at the supermarket, for example.

Would you like to improve your Dutch? There are a range of Dutch language courses available. If you wish to find a course in your area, ask for information at municipality offices near you. They can provide information about the options for language courses in your neighbourhood.

Do you speak Dutch already? You can test your Dutch language skills on the Dialang website. You will be tested on: writing, grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading. You can test your command of 13 European languages on this site.

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Facts about the Netherlands

We have listed a few interesting facts about the Netherlands for you:

  • The Netherlands are a small country with a surface area of 41,540 km2, 27% of which lies below sea level.

  • The Netherlands are a democratic kingdom within which power is shared by the king/queen, the ministers and parliament.

  • The country is divided into 12 provinces. The provinces each have their own representatives and governors.

  • There are about 17 million inhabitants. The Netherlands are therefore one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

  • The official language is Dutch. Many people also speak English. Many Dutch people also speak some German and French.

  • The Netherlands were a founding member of the European Union (EU).

  • The Netherlands have an open economy, which is one of the world’s top 20 biggest economies.

  • The country has a very effective infrastructure and excellent public transport.

  • The currency is the Euro €.

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More about migration

On the following websites, you will find further information about moving to the Netherlands.

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